King James Bible

Strongs Number: H5927

Hebrew Word
Part of Speech
Strongs Definition

to {ascend} intransitively (be high) or active (mount); used in a great variety of {senses} primary and {secondary} literally and figuratively

BDB Definition

1. to go up, ascend, climb

a. (Qal)

1. to go up, ascend

2. to meet, visit, follow, depart, withdraw, retreat

3. to go up, come up (of animals)

4. to spring up, grow, shoot forth (of vegetation)

5. to go up, go up over, rise (of natural phenomenon)

6. to come up (before God)

7. to go up, go up over, extend (of boundary)

8. to excel, be superior to

b. (Niphal)

1. to be taken up, be brought up, be taken away

2. to take oneself away

3. to be exalted

c. (Hiphil)

1. to bring up, cause to ascend or climb, cause to go up

2. to bring up, bring against, take away

3. to bring up, draw up, train

4. to cause to ascend

5. to rouse, stir up (mentally)

6. to offer, bring up (of gifts)

7. to exalt

8. to cause to ascend, offer

d. (Hophal)

1. to be carried away, be led up

2. to be taken up into, be inserted in

3. to be offered

e. (Hithpael) to lift oneself

A primitive root
Bible Usage
arise (up). (cause to) ascend {up} at {once} break [the day] ({up}) bring ({up}) (cause to) {burn} carry {up} cast {up} + {shew} climb ({up}) (cause {to} make to) come ({up}) cut {off} {dawn} {depart} {exalt} {excel} {fall} fetch {up} get {up} (make to) go ({away} {up}) grow ({over}) {increase} {lay} {leap} {levy} lift (self) {up} {light} [make] {up} X-(idiom) {mention} mount {up} {offer} make to {pay} + {perfect} {prefer} put ({on}) {raise} {recover} {restore} (make to) rise ({up}) {scale} set ({up}) shoot forth ({up}) (begin to) spring ({up}) stir {up} take away ({up}) work.