Strongs Number: H3513

Hebrew Word
Part of Speech
Strongs Definition

to be {heavy} that {is} in a bad sense ({burdensome } severe: dull) or in a good sense ({numerous } rich: honorable); causatively to make weighty (in the same two senses)

BDB Definition

1. to be heavy, be weighty, be grievous, be hard, be rich, be honourable, be glorious, be burdensome, be honoured

a. (Qal)

1. to be heavy

2. to be heavy, be insensible, be dull

3. to be honoured

b. (Niphal)

1. to be made heavy, be honoured, enjoy honour, be made abundant

2. to get oneself glory or honour, gain glory

c. (Piel)

1. to make heavy, make dull, make insensible

2. to make honourable, honour, glorify

d. (Pual) to be made honourable, be honoured

e. (Hiphil)

1. to make heavy

2. to make heavy, make dull, make unresponsive

3. to cause to be honoured

f. (Hithpael)

1. to make oneself heavy, make oneself dense, make oneself numerous

2. to honour oneself

A primitive root
Bible Usage
abounding {with} more grievously {afflict} {boast} be {chargeable} X-(idiom) be {dim} {glorify} be (make) glorious ({things}) {glory} (very) {great} be {grievous} {harden} be (make) {heavy} be {heavier} lay {heavily} (bring {to} come {to} {do} {get} be had in) honour ({self}) (be) honourable ({man}) {lade} X-(idiom) more be {laid} make self {many} {nobles} {prevail} promote (to {honour}) be {rich} be (go) {sore} stop.