Strongs Number: H2490

Hebrew Word
Part of Speech
Strongs Definition

properly to {bore} that {is} (by implication) to {wound} to dissolve; figuratively to profane (a {person} place or {thing}) to break (one´ s {word}) to begin (as if by an opening-wedge); denominatively (from H2485) to play (the flute)

BDB Definition

1. to profane, defile, pollute, desecrate, begin

a. (Niphal)

1. to profane oneself, defile oneself, pollute oneself 1a

b. ritually 1a

c. sexually

1. to be polluted, be defiled

d. (Piel)

1. to profane, make common, defile, pollute

2. to violate the honour of, dishonour

3. to violate (a covenant)

4. to treat as common

e. (Pual) to profane (name of God)

f. (Hiphil)

1. to let be profaned

2. to begin

g. (Hophal) to be begun

2. to wound (fatally), bore through, pierce, bore

a. (Qal) to pierce

b. (Pual) to be slain

c. (Poel) to wound, pierce

d. (Poal) to be wounded

3. (Piel) to play the flute or pipe

A primitive root (compare H2470)
Bible Usage
begin (X men {began}) {defile} X-(idiom) {break} {defile} X-(idiom) eat (as common {things}) X-(idiom) {first} X-(idiom) gather the grape {thereof} X-(idiom) take {inheritance} {pipe} player on {instruments} {pollute} (cast as) profane ({self}) {prostitute} slay ({slain}) {sorrow} {stain} wound.