Strongs Number: G4160

Greek Word
Part of Speech
Strongs Definition

to make or do (in a very wide application more or less direct)

Thayers Definition

1. to make

a. with the names of things made, to produce, construct, form, fashion, etc.

b. to be the authors of, the cause

c. to make ready, to prepare

d. to produce, bear, shoot forth

e. to acquire, to provide a thing for one's self

f. to make a thing out of something

g. to (make i.e.) render one anything

1. to (make i.e.) constitute or appoint one anything, to appoint or ordain one that

2. to (make i.e.) declare one anything

h. to put one forth, to lead him out

i. to make one do something

1. cause one to

j. to be the authors of a thing (to cause, bring about)

2. to do

a. to act rightly, do well

1. to carry out, to execute

b. to do a thing unto one

1. to do to one

c. with designation of time: to pass, spend

d. to celebrate, keep

1. to make ready, and so at the same time to institute, the celebration of the passover

e. to perform: to a promise

Apparently a prolonged form of an obsolete primary
Bible Usage
abide + agree appoint X-(idiom) avenge + band together be bear + bewray bring (forth) cast out cause commit + content continue deal + without any delay (would) do (-ing) execute exercise fulfil gain give have hold X-(idiom) journeying keep + lay wait + lighten the ship make X-(idiom) mean + none of these things move me observe ordain perform provide + have purged purpose put + raising up X-(idiom) secure shew X-(idiom) shoot out spend take tarry + transgress the law work yield. Compare G4238 .