King James Bible

How Reliable is the Bible?

In the past one hundred years the reliability of the King James Bible has been widely criticised and yet none of its critics have been able to demonstrate errors with any real conviction or certainty. The King James Version has been carefully studied for four hundred years and yet of the five thousand or more manuscripts still in existence the greatest majority (over ninety percent) support the scriptures of the King James Bible. This makes today's editions of the King James Bible more reliable than most people realize.

Accuracy and Reliability

Superb Features

  • The King James Version has superb features that ensure accuracy and reliability.

Reliable Hebrew Text

  • The Hebrew Old Testament text of the King James Version is reliable.

Reliable Greek Text

  • The Greek New Testament text of the King James Version is reliable.

The Language

  • The Language of the King James Version brings the English closer to the Hebrew and Greek.

Beginner's Language Guide

  • This guide will help the beginner gain a basic grasp of the grammar and vocabulary of the KJV.
The King James Version is Demonstrably Inerrant

KJV Today

  • The King James Version is demonstrably inerrant. While critics might see various translational or textual alternatives in a given passage, the choices of the King James Version translators can be reasonably justified in every instance.
    The KJV Today website contains a list of commonly alleged errors.