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Understanding the Language

King James BibleThe King James Bible was first published in 1611. At the time it was meant to be read aloud in the church so everyone could understand and share in the bible. After four hundred years the English language has evolved and we no longer speak this way but in 1611 people did not exactly speak that way either. Much of the King James Bible‚Äôs style is due to its faithful translation of the underlying Hebrew and Greek texts.

The King James Bible is different from most modern day Bibles as it was translated from different manuscripts. Most modern day Bibles leave out many crucial verses and change the meaning of words to satisfy copyright laws. Despite the early modern English style of the King James Bible it is much closer to the original Hebrew and Greek texts than most translations today. For more information in the reliability of the King James Bible [click here].

Language Guides and Information

The Language

  • The Language of the King James Version brings the English closer to
    the Hebrew and Greek.

Beginner's Language Guide

  • This guide will help the beginner gain a basic grasp of the grammar
    and vocabulary of the KJV.



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