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Strong's No.:H6689
Hebrew:ציף צופי צוּףo
Transliteration:tsûph tsôphay tsîyph
Pronunciation:{tsoof} {tso-fah'ee} tseef
Definition:From H6688; honey comb;
Tsuph or Tsophai or {Tsiph} the name of an Israelite and a place in Palestine: - {Zophai} Zuph.
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Bible WordReferenceVerse
Zophai1 Chr 6:26 As for Elkanah: the sons of Elkanah; Zophai his son, and Nahath his son,
Zuph1 Sam 1:1 Now there was a certain man of Ramathaimzophim, of mount Ephraim, and his name was Elkanah, the son of Jeroham, the son of Elihu, the son of Tohu, the son of Zuph, an Ephrathite:
Zuph1 Sam 9:5 And when they were come to the land of Zuph, Saul said to his servant that was with him, Come, and let us return; lest my father leave caring for the asses, and take thought for us.
Zuph1 Chr 6:35 The son of Zuph, the son of Elkanah, the son of Mahath, the son of Amasai,

Definitions are taken from Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
by James Strong (S.T.D.) (LL.D.) 1890.



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